Hello internet world (and fellow animation students)!

This is supposed to be that first post where you talk a bit about yourself. So.. here it goes, some really important pieces of information about moi.

First of all let’s just get this out of the way, you can say Inês like

I originally come from Lisbon, Portugal, but I’ve been living (and working) in London for about 5 years.

Do I like it here (-you ask)? Well, yes.. Yes, I do. I used to hate not be too into this constant bustle, and find this city pretty lonely – though it’s filled with people E V E R Y W H E R E. And (coming from a mediterranean country) let’s not talk about the weather. Let’s just not. But something changed along these 5 years and now I’m pretty content/satisfied/even happy (!) in London.

I come from a graphic design background, but got bored along the way with the staticness (is this even a word?!) of my work. So here I am!*

I’m going to keep this short (I do have a tendency to babble), so here’s a few things I like/am into at the moment (in images and videos taken from all over the internet):

YouTube Preview Image


YouTube Preview Image

See you around!
*also because I love watching animated movies, but I’m guessing that’s kind of a pre-requisite in this course.

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