oh balls!

Week 2 was about matter, and how different materials move in different ways. I was also one of the lucky ones that had a brief intro to TVPaint.

On my last post I complained about the time it took me to paint Gertie.. Well for what I can tell, TVPaint is the solution to my problems! It feels way more streamlined and it’s just so quick to get a line test set up in there.. I am really excited with that bit of software, feels like we’re gonna be bestfriends! 🙂

We’ve also started learning Maya, which I am still not sure how I feel about it. I think I might need to lose sometime going through tutorials so I feel more confident with the software.

Anyway! It was all about balls this week. We had to animate a (approximately) 1cm diameter ball as if it was made of different materials. I have started with a football. And then tried to animate a bowling ball. I think I probably needed a bit more time with the bowling ball to bring it up a notch. It feels to me that the de-acceleration process needed to start a bit earlier. But live and learn, this week was really busy – next time I’ll do better!

And to finish off, I was enjoying TVPaint so much I decided to explore a bit more the interface. Still have loads to learn, but it was fun animating the ‘ball’ as if it was a water balloon, skinned up as a boobie. eheh!

See ya soon!

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