On acting for animators

and why it is important..

Some of my colleagues have been questioning the need to have acting classes. Although I am totally in favour of the aforementioned workshops, I found myself not really knowing how to explain to others/prove them that acting is actually a really useful tool for an animator.

On our first acting lesson I realised how useful it was for me to walk in different ways, make up different personalities.. It hadn’t yet clicked in my mind, but different movements and ways of moving do massively affect the identity and personality of a character.. Body language y’all!

So, here’s some stuff I found useful to confirm my opinion that acting classes are important. I mean, if Walt Disney made their animators do it, why shouldn’t we?! 🙂
YouTube Preview Image

Or, if you like to read, here’s a couple of great articles on the subject.
And a book!

As the first article says:
‘Much like an actor, if the acting is poor in a film, it will affect the story in many ways. The animator is the host of the show, and they dictate how our audience will perceive the show. It is crucial for animators not to forget this as our industry will soon fall short if we continue to forget the values of bringing performance and acting into our character animation.’

Dramatically drops mic!

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