heads or tails?

Mondays are becoming my favourite day of the week.*
Week #3 in the fantastic world of animation taught us the power of a good follow-through.
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We’ve started by doing a basic shape to get the gist of it. Just a ball and a line, following through like a tail..

And then Steve challenged us to go wild with the ‘tails’.
Challenge a c c e p t e d!

I started thinking about the most random things I could draw.

But it was still noon and I had already finished the tampon… Gotta keep busy! Yay kangaroos!

This was not immediate, but by re-watching it (and parents’ feedback – thank you!), it became obvious something was a bit off with Taylor the kangaroo.. It took me a while to realise the head was tilting up and down way too much. They barely move their head when running. That’s also probably why she lost a bit the kangaroo identity and seemed like some other animal. Not sure which.

I went to make sure I was right about the head not moving, before I’d spend a precious couple of weekend hours redrawing it, just to get it wrong – A G A I N . No thanks!
Hello youtube, have I told you lately that I love you?
YouTube Preview Image

Here’s the redrawn Taylor:

But anyway, going back to Monday… Kangaroo didn’t take long either. The diving giraffes passed through my mind and I couldn’t stop thinking about those long necks…


There’s something about watching your movies over and over again that allows you to understand something’s not quite right.
This time, Geoffrey’s head movement is not fluid, but I couldn’t figure how to solve the problem. His neck also grows quite A LOT during the loop.

Isn’t it ironic? This week we’ve learnt about tales, and my problem ended up being with heads.. Live and learn.

Anyway, back to Monday (again!).. I had spent the whole day wanting to make that little tampon splash some blood.. because.. why not?!
(also, Hi TVPaint! I like you, let’s be friends!)

Hey week #4! 🙂

* And I’m just not ready to say ‘are’ with no ‘becoming’ because I have never in my life said anything good about Mondays. Ever. It’s a process..

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