one punch man

Just rewatched the whole season of One punch man today (I know.. get a life..).

I was in desperate need of references for spectacular attacks/falls* and after a quick youtube snoop around for Looney Toons and Dragon Ball I remembered this sweet sweet animé series. My brother introduced me to it (and to all the animé stuff I watch, to be honest..), and I just love it! The series follows Saitama, a total anti-hero superhero. Saitama is so powerful that he’s always bored he can’t find a challenging opponent. It’s refreshing in the sense that you always know he’s going to win, but the plot is still super entertaining and filled with good puns. The episodes are around 20 minutes, and there’s only 12 so get in quick before it becomes a chore to watch the whole series (hey One piece! I’m talking about you…)!

It also has an openly gay character, that just happens to be bad-ass-awesome. There are not a lot of animés (that I know) this inclusive!

That’s it! 🙂

* I’m working on my lift exercise, I’ve done it with the puppet but we’re being accessed on it so I’m doing a 2D one..

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