walk the walk

Holidays are almost over and I’m getting anxious about the amount of stuff I still need to do to have a calm uni reentré.

I’ve painstakingly slowly worked on two walk cycles during the last couple of weeks. Working from Lisbon is seriously hard, everyone here thinks I’m on holidays and peer pressures me into stuff I shouldn’t be doing (mum included! help!).

Like this new year, both walk cycles are still in their early days of development. But unlike the new year, they’ll need to get sorted in (way way way) less than 355 days!

So here’s my Joni marching for peace:
I still need to do a lot here.
Movement wise, the arm needs a bit of adjustment and she could do with a flowier hair. Then I need to print, draw it by hand, add patterns to the dress and finally scan it and post produce the drawings.

And here’s my doggy walk cycle. His head and neck need to move/bounce, and I need to sort the tail as well. I know there are some thickness issues on his legs but then again I want to draw it by hand after I get the movement right so I’m not too worried.

I’m a bit annoyed on how slow I’m working at the moment. Thinking of how much I want to get done until Monday is already starting to stress me out. Nevertheless, I can’t help but ‘complicate’ my projects more than they’d need to. I’m back in uni to experiment and develop and if I don’t do that now it’s definitely not happening when I start working (been there done that!). So I’m starting 2017 stressed but also aware that I did need holidays, and now I just need to stop moaning and procrastinating and get things done!

Let’s do this, 2017!

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