Rocket the greyhound

Last week I showed a WIP of my greyhound, it’s been a busy reentré to say the least!

When I decided to draw a greyhound for the 4 legged walk exercise (for the single reason that greyhounds are my favourites) I went into research mode. My idea was to do a realistically looking doggy, and I’d been having a bit of a fixation with scientific drawing. Let’s just say I’ve managed to fully get it out of my system!

So this was how rocket was looking some days ago:

On my mentor’s advice, I’ve tried to make it look a bit bouncier. I think he’s looking more natural. I do have to admit I could’ve lost a bit more time with the movement but was so excited to experiment with the colouring in by hand that I ended up accepting that I couldn’t do any better with the time given!


I’ve enjoyed the process but don’t think I’ll repeat such a realistically looking style. It is hard, slow, work! Each of these pencil drawings took me around 20mins. On the other hand, the thin liner pen felt really great to use – although the complexity of the drawing made it even slower to finish the frame than the pencil drawings. I think I might want to try it with simpler shapes in future projects…

Now onto making a gallop cycle!

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