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Usually, I write when I have finished projects to show. But lately, we’ve been working on a couple of projects that won’t get done in a week.. So I thought I might as well start documenting progress, hoping that sitting down on a Sunday night to think about what I’ve been doing will help out organising/planning the week ahead. Here we go!

Right now I have 4 pending projects in hands: the animal gallop, the body acting project, the green screen exercise and a creature’s character sheet.

I’ve drawn these octopus-y looking teeth, but the exercise was to show our understanding about animal joints+movement so..cheetah
I’ve made a cheetah, shown it to Steve and got feedback that it’s looking way too stretchy. That was kind of my point but in the end, I don’t really want it to look awkward so went home and amended it. Unfortunately, I never saw Steve again so I’m waiting for tomorrow to get more feedback and hopefully finish it off with colour!cheetah2
Can you spot the differences? ;p

BODY ACTINGbackground2
This Monday we started a project on (human) body movement. The brief is to make a character react to different stimulus – ideally coming from a screen.

I spent the day trying to figure out a plot for my exercise.. Then I went home and spent the whole night drawing this background. I wasn’t too sure I wanted to use it, it was more to try out some stuff we’d learnt the previous week on photoshop. And when I spent Tuesday night finishing it, it just felt like a waste not to use it!

Regarding a plot, I went full narcissistic and decided to make a character inspired in me. She comes into the living room all happy, turns on the tv, reacts to news on tv, gets really depressed and throws herself on the floor. I’m not sure this is enough of a mood change, but will most certainly know tomorrow after showing the keys to Steve.

animaticI made a quick animatic of how I’m imagining my creature to be/react.

monstahI also have made a mask for the footage we filmed and am now working on the background (watercolour!). Hopefully will be able to get all the background bits done by tomorrow night so I can start compositing them in class Tuesday.

And the 4th thing I should be doing and haven’t even touched is a creature character sheet. I don’t know what to do about that yet. I’m pretty sure I don’t want to use the greyhound, but am still trying to decide between the cheetah or that blobby creature for the green screen project (which I am not too sure would be complex enough to work..). And now that I’m thinking about it, there’s this little square dog that I’ve drawn on the character development workshop with Rory that I’d love to draw more of.. Not sure I can do that so I’ll ask around tomorrow.

Monday tomorrow. uff

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