This is something I should’ve done during Christmas (hides face in hands – Oh, the outrage! Oh, the shame!) but never got round to it. Then I spent January procrastinating about committing to an animal to research and develop a character sheet.

I’m just going to put it out there, I didn’t want to do the obvious ones like cats or dogs.. (Look where that got me hah!)
Anyway, long story short, I realised I should be old enough to know how to draw obvious animals (like cats and dogs, yes), but I did not.. So..

You can see where this is going.. I started researching and copying other peoples’ cats I liked (I don’t remember everybody I copied from, but there’s at least Gemma Correl and Rose Blake in there, then a lot of them I found on Pinterest..).pixel-1

When I kind of got the gist of it, I looked for cats’ poses online and tried to draw them in my own style, if I have one.. Which I don’t.pixel-2 pixel-3

And finally, I decided to draw my own little fluffy furball: Pixel!

I’ve drawn her in some of the poses I have in pictures..pixel-4

And then used other cats for reference (sorry Pixel!) and previews drawings I’d done to fill up the pagepixel-5

I need to learn how to properly use watercolours eventually.. But I like the result! Hope you do too 🙂

Oh my, look at me just getting sh*t done! whoop!

boy, what a fabulous baker

For our assessment, we have to hand in a storyboard with a maximum of three pages. I wasn’t feeling too inspired to come up with my own story, so I’ve decided to storyboard an article of my favourite column – Modern Love – from the NY Times.

I have to admit I felt a bit like a copycat considering my mentor did an amazing animation for one of the entries. When I first saw the video I had no idea who Moth Collective were, but was already reading that column.

Anyway, here’s my storyboard, based on this article.
storyboard-1 storyboard-2 storyboard-3

tinder nightmares

For our facial expression exercise, we had to make a character change their.. well, facial expression(!), when interacting with something in their hands that changed over time.

To be honest, I haven’t been feeling super inspired lately and this one was particularly hard to pull off. We had the weekend to come up with an idea, and I couldn’t really think about anything. But then Monday morning it hit me that one of the things that can actually trigger facial expressions is Tinder (heeey!).

Super draft version! I’ve adjusted timings for the final one.

I’m not sure if I need to change the guy she likes, Steve complained the skate wasn’t easy to figure out. To that I’ve stretched the time a bit, but maybe I’ll need to slightly redraw the guys pose? Is anyone reading this? what do you think?


Life right now

a body acting exercise.

This post should’ve happened two weeks ago when I finished the animation, but time is just flying and I’m struggling to keep up with all we have to do until the 27th

I have shared the draft version in a previews post, no point in rubbing it in again. So here it is, an egotrip view on the current zeitgeist of things…


Time, the running cheetah

Poetic name, that’s how fast time is going by!

Ok, so I’ve finished my gallop (at last!). I picked a cheetah because felines are the best and also cheetahs are the fastest running animals and they stretch and shrink their body so much – I just wanted to study how they move!

Here’s an amazing video reference that was really useful for keyframing
YouTube Preview Image

and here’s what it took to get Time done:
several drafts
(this is draft 2 of 3)
colouring with water colour

adding the details and spots

cutting out the background


next project (has to be) coming soon!