This is something I should’ve done during Christmas (hides face in hands – Oh, the outrage! Oh, the shame!) but never got round to it. Then I spent January procrastinating about committing to an animal to research and develop a character sheet.

I’m just going to put it out there, I didn’t want to do the obvious ones like cats or dogs.. (Look where that got me hah!)
Anyway, long story short, I realised I should be old enough to know how to draw obvious animals (like cats and dogs, yes), but I did not.. So..

You can see where this is going.. I started researching and copying other peoples’ cats I liked (I don’t remember everybody I copied from, but there’s at least Gemma Correl and Rose Blake in there, then a lot of them I found on Pinterest..).pixel-1

When I kind of got the gist of it, I looked for cats’ poses online and tried to draw them in my own style, if I have one.. Which I don’t.pixel-2 pixel-3

And finally, I decided to draw my own little fluffy furball: Pixel!

I’ve drawn her in some of the poses I have in pictures..pixel-4

And then used other cats for reference (sorry Pixel!) and previews drawings I’d done to fill up the pagepixel-5

I need to learn how to properly use watercolours eventually.. But I like the result! Hope you do too 🙂

Oh my, look at me just getting sh*t done! whoop!

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