deoxyribonucleic acid

On the last 2 weeks of the term, we were assigned to a second year to work for. We had 4 days to help them kick off their final project.

I got to work with Joshua. He was really nice and the whole experience was pretty chilled. I got given a blood sequence to work on. The aim was to pass the idea the DNA was mutating/being destroyed by a toxic substance. Joshua was looking for a realistic feel, so I thought this would be the ideal time to start learning cinema 4 d!

After an initial stage of research (I mean, I had no clue how to get from the blood vein to the chromosome so watching some educational videos online really helped) I’ve first done a quick draft of how the animation would look for the sequence.
Password: dna

The rest of the time was spent watching tutorials and adapting the models to my taste. I am not yet proficient with C4D, but I am definitely excited with the amount of possibilities it seems to provide and especially with how easy and intuitive it seems to be compared to Maya!

YouTube Preview Image

This was my result:

YouTube Preview Image
YouTube Preview Image

and here’s my result: password: dna

this particular one took me a while and I don’t think it’s anywhere near perfect. I was having trouble with the animation when I ran out of time to work for Joshua. I think it was a good start on learning the software but I need to watch more tutorials. I’ve watched half of this course from Lynda and will hopefully finish it during the break.. 🙂

lazy sunday afternoon or a hell lot of docs

I was feeling quite lazy yesterday afternoon so I used my very quiet time to transform myself into a super couch potato! Next term we’re doing an essay about an animated documentary of our choice.

Although my very obvious choice would be the amazing work of my mentor, who works mainly on documentary animation, I thought I should research some more and try to discover something I hadn’t seen before that I really liked.

Here’s my afternoon in videos!

I first saw this lovely documentary in FAFF and loved it, so decided to find it out and see if my feelings were still that strong. There is something magical about the ending where they say a whale lives for 50 to 75 years and when it dies it supports life/becomes a little ecosystem for the same amount of time. Not going to extend myself, but finding out these kind of things leaves me all soft and thinking nature is so perfect.. ❤️

from there I got interested in finding out other work from the same studio, so I navigated around their vimeo account and checked a couple more of lovely docs.

and with this one I found out they had had a whole series of animated docs commissioned by the New York Times, and I watched them all! Not only is the whole paper cut out aesthetic gorgeous, the stories are incredible as well! I got hooked on it and was really sad when I’d gone through all of them and there were no more cool scientific docs to see :'(

So I decided to keep looking for more on short of the week. They have a whole category of animated documentary and all I needed to do is press play on the first one and couch potato some more! hehe.

The first one in the list was really uncomfortable for me to watch. It’s a good piece of film, in a way very interpretative of how someone’s mind works. In this case, it felt like they were trying to visually describe what it must be like to have dementia. I think on that experimental sense it is fabulous, but very disturbing.. I really felt hopeless watching it and spent the whole time checking how long till it was over!

But then Rory’s meta-doc showed up next and made me feel better 🙂

This is just a badass story, so great I questioned if this was real – but when you see their picture in the end.. wow, these men are legends!

The next one is about a 90 year old lady that finds the internet and with it a whole new world of scientific and philosophic explanations for the world around her. It combines live action with animation and it’s super interesting, with a great message. Check it here.

In the end I decided to focus my essay on this one:
YouTube Preview Image

I think it’s important for us to remember that we’re alive because of a greater balance of things: bacteria, molecules, nature as a whole! And without bacteria we wouldn’t survive – how awesome is this! It is good to be remembered that our little visible life is just a tiny portion of what’s going on within and around us..

And with this pseudo-philosophical conclusion I say good bye for now 😉