rough cut presentations

I have been neglecting this blog for a while now.. Mainly because we’re at this point where I feel I just need to keep my head down and work. This is quickly turning into a masters in patience and perseverance, more than an animation course – but then again this is probably what it’s going to be like working in animation..

Anyway, today we’re showing what we’ve been doing for the last 3 weeks. It’s quite comforting to see no one is anywhere near finished – so we’re all in this together. Nevertheless, I am starting to stress out about this whole situation. In my schedule, I should’ve had finished animating today but I am still missing 10+ seconds to finish it. And then I need to go back, clean up and colour. I’m dreading the time it’ll take me to clean up, but kind of (not so) secretly hoping for a miraculous recovery on that stage.

I’ve had a hard time last week – I think we get to a point in the middle of production when, maybe because we’ve seen our animation so many times and know all the mistakes and stupid details that aren’t as good as we wished they’d be, that we start to doubt the work we’re doing.

In my case, I got so tired of doing slow moves on my film that I started to doubt the whole drawing style and everything I was doing. It sometimes doesn’t help to look at my amazing colleagues’ work and their great drawing styles.. Definitely, makes me doubt about my own style – if I have one and all that.. But I’m also really lucky that everyone here is as supportive as they are talented, and talking to each other I realised we have the same existential crisis and doubts about our work.

In the end what really matters is having a finished project, so the quality, although we’re aware of it, might not be as good as we wished, but we’re studying so mistakes should be allowed!

Here’s what I presented today
ask me for the password to see it 🙂

Things I’ve learnt/realised so far:

  • Slow moves are one of the most painful things to animate. In the future, I’ll be very weary of them!
  • It might have been a lucky coincidence but I feel like I am animating quicker and more confidently as time goes by.
  • I loved animating the underwater bit, would love to explore more of that in the future!

That’s it for now.

See you soon!

Masanobu Hiraoka + hair

I just found Masanobu and I am in love with his stuff!! The morphing in his animations is out of this world, this is well inspiring for the upcoming short we’re working on – I might try and add some more morphing to my film. Definitely (maybe.. if I have the time..) bubbles to my underwater shots! And I think seeing his stuff actually makes me less anxious about picking a visual style, let’s see how this weekend goes! #excited!!

Also, I got feedback about the animatic+style frame from my lovely mentor, Margaux, and one of the things she pointed out was that she wasn’t too keen on my character’s hair – she advised me to go for simpler shapes. I’m not sure I’m going on the right path by researching into anime, but here are some gifs of flowy hair by the masters of amazing hairstyles:

yeah, they know how to do hair. I might need to go way more simple, but it’s a good reference for movement!

right to say no – week 2

Week 3 of the Children’s Society just started today, we showed our rough, rough animatics to the class (and Shaun, Steve and Kevin..).
Let’s just get that quickly out the way, here’s mine:

ask me for the password if you’re curious enough to see it 😉

The animatic is the culmination of last week’s work. Here’s a quick sum-up of what I’ve done:

After showing the style frame to the Children’s society people on Tuesday* we had a tutorial session (mine was with Kevin) the day after, to talk about the storyboard. I think it went well, Kevin seemed pretty on board with my ideas and gave me some tips to think about the camera position and movement. From then until today it was a heck of a ride!

Nevertheless, I still had time to go to life drawing on Thursday evening and it felt great. I hadn’t been in ages and Vanessa took a look at my drawings and reminded me to think about the body’s structure, which helped me a lot. Here are some drawings from that session that you can marvel upon:

also, I’ve found biro pens to be my best drawing buddies <3

I’ve spent my free time from Tuesday to Friday trying to figure out how I’m going to draw the girl for my movie. She’s a teenager and if initially, I wanted to go all body positive and make her curvy, I’ve been a bit more attentive to school girls around my area (oh my, so creepy..) and they are all really skinny! One thing I’ve noticed as well is that teenagers are all disproportional, so I thought of playing with that. Long legs, short torso, long neck and small-ish head! Costume wise, I initially thought I would draw my character with jeans but I think the school uniform helps to identify “my” girl’s age, so skirt and socks it is!

My Friday night was spent colouring a small sequence of the film. I really like the hand drawn style and I thought it would look good in this film. Good thing I did that because I am not happy at all with the result. There’s too much wrinkling in the paper and too much flickering because of the watercolour…

I’m not sure if using a better, thicker paper would solve the issue or just make the end result really expensive.. so yay digital? 🙁 *meh*
This week will be spent redrawing and really thinking about the style for this animation – I want to be comfortable with whatever I end up choosing, and be sure as well that I can deliver on time with that style. So much to think about!!

* I wasn’t too happy with the outcome of this presentation, as Steve said I could’ve definitely benefited from having an extra, happier, style frame.. Hopefully, I’ll redeem myself next week when we’ll be showing our neater animatics to the Children’s Society people.