Masanobu Hiraoka + hair

I just found Masanobu and I am in love with his stuff!! The morphing in his animations is out of this world, this is well inspiring for the upcoming short we’re working on – I might try and add some more morphing to my film. Definitely (maybe.. if I have the time..) bubbles to my underwater shots! And I think seeing his stuff actually makes me less anxious about picking a visual style, let’s see how this weekend goes! #excited!!

Also, I got feedback about the animatic+style frame from my lovely mentor, Margaux, and one of the things she pointed out was that she wasn’t too keen on my character’s hair – she advised me to go for simpler shapes. I’m not sure I’m going on the right path by researching into anime, but here are some gifs of flowy hair by the masters of amazing hairstyles:

yeah, they know how to do hair. I might need to go way more simple, but it’s a good reference for movement!

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