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Time management was a struggle. I do know I finished a bit before so I should probably consider myself happy with my time management. However, I never really timed how long it took me to animate. Up until the colouring stage, I had never set up daily objectives. I only found out in the late, late stages of the project that having a daily objective massively helped me out – I would work until I finished what I had to do for that day, which gave me a more accurate view on the progress of my work.

 my production sheet midway the project

Timing how long I took to colour a frame (in each shot the times varied, so I did it for all of them) allowed me to have a clearer idea of how long it’d take me to finish each scene – making it consequently easier to schedule my days with manageable/realistic targets.

Unfortunately, because I only discovered almost at the end of the project that timing how long I took per frame works really well for me, I had to force myself to have bigger days of work (10 to 12 hours instead of 8). This was hard and it literally broke my back – I stopped going to yoga (because time) and my posture drawing in the cintiq is really bad. I am still recovering, ugh

So here’s the conclusion: next time I’ll have to figure out a better workflow – which will probably most definitely include timing my average per frame in each shot of the project. I’m just struggling on how to do that. When it comes to the production stage I think animating is the first step, and colouring the second. So it’s hard to predict animation and colouring times from the beginning if I don’t spend the first few weeks of production animating and colouring a second of each shot – I wonder if that’s how it’s supposed to be done?

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