the journey of the journey

and so it is over! what a crazy couple of months we’ve had!

I’m not sure if I am ready to reflect on this project, but I got a bit of free time so let’s see what comes out..

Firstly I have already written an essay about how this project went, so not sure if I want to repeat myself. But to some up, I was lucky to work with Jodi as the director. Our team consisted of Jodi, Iris, Boom and myself.

I learnt a lot working with other people, and it was good to work with Jodi since she has such a playful attitude with the way she presents her scenes – from camera angles to the masterful use of negative space. It was inspiring and hopefully, it will transpire into my animation practice as well!

In this film, I have focused on the special effects – like all the smokes, and the flames etc, etc – more than on character animation. This was great to explore an area that I find really interesting, but to be honest I miss animating a character. I have worked on the crowds of miners that appear in the film, but animating crowds is a tough, tough challenge!

here’s some of the SFX I’ve worked on:

all in all it was a good experience, even having too much work outside uni I tried my best to help!