William Kentridge @ Whitechapel Gallery

Went to Whitechapel gallery today to check William Kentridge’s exhibition, since EVERYONE I’ve heard talking about it said it was great. Well, I agree, it is really good!

From an animation perspective, it’s great to see the way he doesn’t limit himself to the flatness of a screen. A lot of the installations there were incredibly immersive due to their physical, three dimensional, expression. On top of that, Kentridge’s way of combining animation with live action footage was inspiring, and it is always good to be reminded that we can (maybe even should?) explore a lot more than just a character, or the ‘traditional’ drawing aesthetics(3D included here), in an animation piece.

Although not one of the works that used physical media combined with a projection, this was probably my favourite work displayed in the exhibition. I just loved the idea of using a book as the starting point for an animation, in a way a book can tell you a story just like moving image can.
I’m sorry in advance for the bad recording, but this was the only video I could find of it!
YouTube Preview Image