Joni’s FINAL steps

She’s all done! yay!
Quick recap, here’s how Joni was looking the last time I posted:draftjonigif

I’ve fiddled with the arm and sent it to Margaux (my mentor) for feedback and she suggested I should make her head bounce a bit. Which I did! I didn’t want to make it feel too bouncy though.. So after watching some reference videos, I’ve slightly tweaked Joni’s head just enough that it wouldn’t look stiff but also didn’t feel like a jumping ball 🙂

And then to the fun bit!

I bought myself a cheap scanner/printer to play around and used it to scan Joni’s everchanging mad dress. I don’t usually say this but I am happy with the result! I think it totally fits within the whole 60’s counter-culture vibe, and according to one of my flatmates it reminded him of an LSD trip. I took that as a big compliment! hah!dress-draft

Joni’s cleaned up line versionline

And the final result! 🙂walk-with-background

Back to school tomorrow! Can’t wait! 🙂