monstrous news – monstra festival!

2018 is definitely starting off on the right foot!

A little while ago I got this email:

At first, I thought it was a prank because I had just been talking to my parents and my brother about this festival and how I really wanted to get in.. But no! It was actually legit!

So… this means my first film ever is going to play in like the best cinema room I know – and it’s soooooo freaking massive!!!

I am both elated and terrified!

margaux says

I wrote a whole post about time, but there are other things that I think I learnt while working on this project.

Margaux was incredibly helpful, she is demanding but fair. I met her just after I finished animating and I really regret not having scheduled a previous meeting while animating. She gave me really good criticism and advice. Initially, it was a bit overwhelming for me, but I agree with (almost) everything that she said. Before talking to her I felt a lot of stuff was wrong with the animation but couldn’t say why. It was really useful getting all her feedback. Next time I’ll be able to focus on the things she said:

  • draw character sheets for all your characters. Have a reference in the screen when animating.
  • when working on the style of a film, always pick 3 different moments to draw style frames (and make them look consistent).
  • I have animated in a very “stiff” way, there is a lot of stop-and-start in my film. Next time I need to remember to combine actions when animating instead of a very sequential animation.
  • keep in touch more frequently!!

After our meet up I started stressing about time and I made a really bad job following up with her. I was supposed to have sent her my style frames but I got so nervous to fail to get her approval (I’d try to redo them and time was precious) that I just took command of the situation and pushed forward. It also helps that Margaux has been out of the country ever since we met – and I don’t really want to disturb either..

Anyway, I need to stop being so insecure about my work when showing it to Margaux (or anyone else, actually). I know I’m not half as good as she is and that’s fine – I am learning and failing is part of it – and also, it’s a privilege to have a mentor I really look up to and want to learn from.